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Fat Frogs


Fat frogs flying past fast. [...]

01.11.2003 // Tongue Twisters

Quotes about Time


Many famous people dwelled about time. These are a few examples of what was said about it. *** "Time has no divisions to mark its passage; there is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year. Even when a new century [...]

29.10.2003 // Quotes



Today I am happy to present five beautiful pieces of English classical riddles. I hope you will enjoy them. Try to resist a temptation to have a peep at the answer (which you can make visible by selecting the hidden text), let your brains get it for you! Good luck! [...]

28.10.2003 // Rack Your Brains

Sun Shine


We surely shall see the sun shine soon. [...]

26.10.2003 // Tongue Twisters

Have You Ever


Falling, I'm falling Have you ever walked through a room But it was more like the room passed around you Like there was a leash around your neck that pulled you through Have you ever been at some place Recognizing everybody's face Until you realized that there was no one [...]

19.09.2003 // Songs



Goldfinger He's the man, The man with the Midas touch A spider's touch Such a cold finger Beckons you to enter his web of sin But don't go in Golden words He will pour in your ear But his lies Can't disguise what you fear For a golden girl knows [...]

20.08.2003 // Songs



See, reflections on the water More than darkness in the depths See him surface in every shadow On the wind I feel his breath Goldeneye I found his weakness Goldeneye he'll do what I please Goldeneye no time for sweetness But a bitter kiss will bring him to his knees [...]

25.07.2003 // Songs

Boot Black


The boot black bought the black boot back. [...]

16.07.2003 // Tongue Twisters

From Russia With Love


From Russia with love I fly to you Much wiser since My goodbye to you I've traveled the world to learn I must return From Russia with love I've seen places, faces And smile for a moment But, oh, you haunted me so Still, my tongue tied Young bride Would [...]

26.06.2003 // Songs

Dust In The Wind


I close my eyes only for a moment, And the moment's gone. All my dreams pass before my eyes, A curiosity. Dust in the wind, All they are is dust in the wind. Same old song just a drop of water In an endless sea. All we do crumbles to [...]

22.06.2003 // Songs



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