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My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I... got out of bed at all The morning rain clouds up my window... and I can't see at all And even if I could it'll all be gray, but your picture on my wall It reminds me, that it's not so bad, [...]

07.07.2010 // Songs

Have vs. Have Got


Елена: ...не могли бы Вы объяснить мне разницу употребления have и have got? F.E.: Строгое различие состоит в том, что have — это время Present Simple, а have got — Present Perfect. То есть, опять-таки, в строгом переводе: I have — "я имею"; I have got — "я получил, добыл, [...]

09.10.2001 // Talk/FAQ

Devil In My Closet


I got the Devil in my closet And the wolf is at my door I got the Devil in my closet And the wolf is at my door What’s a man to do When he can’t trust his woman no more She says She did no wrong And seeing him [...]

21.05.2003 // Songs

Living On My Own


Sometimes I feel I’m gonna break down and cry Nowhere to go Nothing to do with my time I get lonely, so lonely Living on my own Sometimes I feel I'm always walking too fast And everything is coming Down on me, down on me I go so crazy, oh [...]

10.10.2008 // Songs

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown


Well 'ole south side of Chicago Is the baddest part of town And if you go down there You better just beware Of a man name of Leroy Brown Now Leroy more than trouble You see he stand about six foot four All those downtown ladies call him "Treetop Lover" [...]

27.07.2001 // Songs

Jenny From The Block


Children growing Women producing Men go working Some do stealing Everyone's got to make a living L.O.X. yeah J. Lo yeah Yeah, yeah, yo, yo We off the blocks this year Went from a low to a lot this year Everybody mad At the rocks that I wear I know [...]

04.04.2004 // Songs

It's My Life


This ain't a song for The broken-hearted No silent prayer for The faith-departed I ain't gonna be just A face in the crowd You're gonna hear my voice When I shout it out loud It's my life It's now or never I ain't gonna live forever I just want to [...]

05.05.2005 // Songs

We Have All The Time In The World


We have all the time in the world Time enough for life to unfold All the precious things Life has in store And we got all the love in the world And as time goes by you will find We need nothing more Every step of the way will find [...]

10.03.2011 // Songs

We Will Rock You


Buddy you're a boy make a big noise Playin' in the street Gonna be a big man some day You got mud on yo' face You big disgrace Kickin' your can all over the place Singin' We will we will rock you We will we will rock you Buddy you're [...]

19.11.2009 // Songs

Princes Of The Universe


Here we are. Born to be kings We're the princes of the universe Here we belong Fighting to survive In a world with the darkness powers And here we are We're the princes of the universe Here we belong Fighting for survival We've come to be The rulers of your [...]

13.10.2009 // Songs



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