04.06.2003 // Rack Your Brains // by Tatyana Chepkova

Strain Your Brain

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1. If a child were born in Boston to parents who were both born in Boston, would it be possible for the child NOT to be an American citizen?
[ If the child was born before 1776 (the Declaration of Independence), he would be a British subject. Also, the child could have been born in Boston, England. ]

2. If a clock takes 6 seconds to strike 7 o'clock, how many seconds will it take to strike 11 o'clock?
[ Ten. It will always be one second shorter. The time doesn't start until the first strike. ]

3. A man paid a large sum of money to be the first to climb a particular mountain. When he reached the top he discovered a cabin and 3 frozen bodies. Since he was the first to ever climb the mountain, is this possible?
[ Yes. The cabin was from an airplane. It crashed and the bodies froze to death. ]

4. What ancient invention, still used today, allows people to see through walls?
[ Window. ]

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