27.02.2003 // Rack Your Brains // by Tatyana Chepkova


Try this traveling quiz. Using the information given in the sentences try to make out who is going where, when, what for and by what means of transport.

  1. Express to Paris leaves on the 24th of December.
  2. Julia is going to marry.
  3. Jane and Maggie are going together.
  4. The bus to Madrid departs on Friday morning.
  5. David booked a return ticket to Congo.
  6. The flight 14567 from London to Sidney takes off on Monday.
  7. There is a good safari in Congo.
  8. There is a scientific conference in New-York at weekend.
  9. Bred is going by bus.
  10. Mike starts on Friday.
  11. David is taking a flight from the capital of Poland.
  12. Sam prefers railroads.
  13. Jane is going to visit her grandmother.
  14. There is only one flight to Congo in June.
  15. Julia is from Paris.
  16. Maggie departs on Monday.
  17. Mike goes on a business trip.
  18. Bred is a scientist from Washington.
  19. Paris is really beautiful at Christmas.
  20. Julia's train starts tonight at 19.05.
  21. There will be a wedding party in Venice tomorrow.
  22. Mike takes a bus from Athens.
  23. Granny lives in Sidney.
Click here to see the answers!
Sam Paris 24th December Christmas Express
Julia Venice 7.05 p.m. To marry Train
Mike Madrid Friday Business trip Bus
David Congo June Safari Train
Jane and Maggie Sidney Monday To visit granny Plane
Bred New York Weekend Scientific conference Bus


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  1. Jas (07.02.2014)

    В Конго на поезде?!?

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