21.02.2003 // Miscellaneous // by Tatyana Chepkova

About Time, Too

Why don't we speak about time too? Time is eternity and an instant. These are the standard measures of time, which are aimed to help us orient ourselves in time space.

Agea particular period of history (Stone Age, Age of computers)

Eraa long period of time in history that is different in some way from other periods (post war era, Victorian era)

Centuryone of 100-year periods

Decadea period of 10 years

Yeara period of 12 months

Month - a period of about 4 weeks

Weeka period of 7 days

Daya period of 24 hours

Houra period of 60 minutes

Minutea period of 60 seconds

Secondone of the 60 parts that a minute is divided into

Try this little puzzle: read the text below. Words in red are definitely in wrong places. Try to rearrange them to get the correct meaning.

The rhythm of our life has nothing to do with the way people used to live in Middle Hours, the month of witch chasing, chivalry and feudal wars.

A man could leave his home for a war and be back, if at all, in a couple of minutes to find his baby-daughter in the marriage age. It didn't seem much easier to get a daughter fortunately married than to win a victory in a war. Even if her father managed to persuade an eligible trustworthy young man with a solid position in the society that his girl would become the best wife, a decade or two of engagement would pass before it was decent to marry them.

Some poor girls met their fiance only at their engagement week for the first time. A honeymoon, the first age of the family life, smoothly merged into routine with years flowing slowly into seconds that turned into days as like as two peas. Once a second, on Sundays, they would spend a half a day in a devout prayer, asking the All Mighty to make eras run faster to near the noble end of their respected spouse.



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