25.11.2001 // Vocabulary // by Sergey Sirotkin

English Is a Stupid Language

Let's face it ("давайте посмотрим правде в глаза"): English is a stupid language!

There is no egg ("яйцо") in the eggplant ("баклажан"), no ham ("ветчина") in the hamburger ("гамбургер"), and neither ("ни") pine ("сосна") nor ("ни") apple ("яблоко") in the pineapple ("ананас").

English muffins ("маффины, оладьи") were not invented ("придуманы; изобретены") in England, French fries ("картофель фри") were not invented in France.

Quicksand ("зыбучий песок") takes you down ("засасывает") slowly. Boxing rings ("ринг; кольцо") are square ("квадратные"). And a guinea pig ("морская свинка") is neither from Guinea ("Гвинея") nor is it a pig ("свинья").

If writers ("писатели") write ("пишут"), how come ("как же так получается") fingers ("пальцы") don't fing ("пальцуют")? If the plural of "tooth" ("зуб") is "teeth" ("зубы"), shouldn't the plural of "phone booth" ("телефонная будка") be "phone beeth" ("телефонные будки"... ой, кажется, в русском здесь все в порядке)? If the teacher ("учитель") taught ("учил"), why didn't the preacher ("проповедник") praught ("про... про..." хм... что?)?

If a vegetarian ("вегетарианец") eats vegetables ("овощи"), what the heck ("что, черт возьми") does a humanitarian ("гуманист") eat?!

Why do people recite ("повторяют вслух по памяти") at a play ("спектакль"), yet play ("играют") at a recital ("сольный концерт")? Park ("паркуются") on driveways ("дороги, проезды") and drive ("ездят") on parkways ("оживленные автоаллеи")?

How can the weather ("погода") be as hot as hell ("чертовски жарко") on one day and as cold as hell ("чертовски холодно") on another?

You have to marvel ("изумляться") at the unique lunacy ("безумие") of a language where a house can burn up ("сгорать совсем") as it burns down ("сгорать дотла"). And in which you fill in a form ("заполнять формуляр") by filling it out ("заполняя его"). And a bell ("колокол") is only heard ("слышен") once it goes ("когда он идет")!

When the stars ("звезды") are out they are visible ("видны"), but when the lights ("свет; огни; фонари") are out, they are invisible ("не видны").

And why it is that when I wind up ("завожу") my watch ("часы"), it starts, but when I wind up ("заканчиваю; довожу до конца") this text, it ends?

Из народного творчества



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  1. Mikhail (21.03.2013)

    It's interesting,isn't it? English is full of curious facts concerning its history,etymology of some words and their modern use.This material can be widely used by teachers and learners of English.It broadens our linguistic outlook.Thank you very much for it.

  2. Edgar (06.12.2013)

    It's truly nice.

  3. bhishma (18.10.2014)

    and what about door, poor, blood, etc.?

  4. F.E. (21.10.2014)

    bhishma, this post is about usage, not about pronunciation. What you're asking rather goes in this direction: http://www.fluent-english.ru/english-is-a-stupid-language/

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